Professional proofreading, editing and revision of German texts

I provide professional editing and proofreading services for German texts and English-to-German and Spanish-to-German translations.

Proofreading vs. editing: What’s the difference?

Proofreading of German texts

Proofreading of a German text eliminates surface errors in writing.

This process includes checking for errors involving spelling, punctuation, grammar and word choice and ensures consistent formatting.

Editing of German texts

Editing can improve the overall quality of your text as this process does not only eliminate errors involving spelling, punctuation, grammar and word choice.


This process includes:

  • making revisions and suggestions to the actual content
  • ensures consistent formatting
  • ensures sharp and consistent language
  • improves overall quality of writing
  • enhances readability

Revision of translations (bilingual editing of texts)

Comparing the English or Spanish source text and the German translation includes checking the following:

  • completeness
  • accuracy of spelling, numbers and formatting
  • clarity of syntax and style

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